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Salary Sacrifice Smartphones Scheme from Let’s Connect. Smartphones, Smart Savings, and a Smart Benefit!

Salary sacrifice Smartphone schemes from
Let’s Connect

Smartphones are ubiquitous these days. Offer your employees this great benefits and the opportunity to salary sacrifice the latest in mobile technology.

How does the scheme work?

Let’s Connect offer the latest Smartphones and deliver a fully managed service, which is cash neutral to the employer. By agreeing to sacrifice or ‘exchange’ some pre-tax salary in return for the Smartphone package of the employees’ choice, they may make savings on National Insurance on the total amount sacrificed.

Join the many UK employers in both public and private sectors already offering salary sacrifice Smartphone schemes to their employees.

Set up a Salary Sacrifice Smartphone Scheme for your Employees today!

What are the benefits to you, the Employer?

Cost-neutral and simple to implement
Affordable access to the latest, desirable technology encourages high take-up
Engages ‘difficult to reach’ 18–30 year old demographic
Supports recruitment, retention, motivation and engagement
Drives engagement of broader benefits platforms
Designed to support Digital Inclusion, Education, and Health and Wellbeing strategies
ISO 27001 accreditation – peace of mind your data is safe.

What are the benefits to Employees?

A choice from the latest mobile phones from leading manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung and Sony
Smartphones are delivered ‘SIM-free’ – staff can source a SIM card and associated tariff from the network provider of their choice
Savings on National Insurance (and pension contributions for English / Welsh NHS staff)
Convenient, affordable payments
No upfront costs, credit checks or deposits
All phones typically include comprehensive, worldwide accidental damage and theft insurance
Free delivery to employees’ homes
Helpline support throughout scheme duration
Spread the cost over 24 or 36 months.

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