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Simple to Implement Schemes
with our Fully Managed Service

With no administrative overheads for you, or your team, we’ve made our
schemes really simple to implement in your organisation.
Our fully managed service includes…

Simple to Implement Schemes with our Fully Managed Service

1. Project Management (so it all runs smoothly)

Full project management is included and our team of employee benefit specialists ensure your scheme is planned and implemented professionally, to maximise participation.

Our project design document sets out the parameters of your scheme and sets out:

  • Project plan for your scheme
  • Project timelines and agreed milestones
  • Key stakeholders / points of contact
  • Communications strategy

2. Marketing and Communications (to ensure take-up is high)
At Let's Connect, we provide Marketing and Communications as part of our Fully Managed Service.

Our in-house marketing team offer full support to ensure the scheme is successfully promoted throughout your organisation with a comprehensive marketing plan.

The best results come from promoting the scheme through a combination of communication channels within your organisation, but these are, of course, all optional and at your discretion.

Typically we can promote your scheme using:

  • Email marketing announcements (scheme coming soon / now open / closing soon)
  • Company Intranet promotion
  • A3 / A4 posters
  • Pre-launch website / online ordering site
  • Full scheme product Guides
  • Payslip flyers
  • Product roadshows / demonstrations.

Printed scheme flyers and posters

Place an order or browse the products available using the online ordering website.We promote your scheme using product roadshows and demonstrations.

Secure online ordering website

Roadshows for employees at key venues

All material is branded for your organisation and tailored to best fit your marketing requirements.

3. Contractual Documents (to cover the legal side)

Our service includes the production and management of all legal documentation related to the scheme, for example…

  • Employee Usage Agreement
  • Finance Agreement

4. Scheme Reporting (to monitor performance)

We provide ongoing order reports to keep you updated on the performance of the scheme.

Once the scheme is closed, we also produce all the reports your finance department will need including:

Final order reports
Salary sacrifice reports
Benefit-in-kind reports
Employee feedback reports.


For further details on how we run a scheme please don’t hesitate to call us on 0330 2000 231 and one of our employee benefit specialists will be happy to explain our services in more detail.

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