Apple “Spring Loaded” Event Recap

Apple “Spring Loaded” Event Recap

Apple Spring Loaded event

A new iPad Pro with supercharged M1 chip, a colourful new iMac design and the long-awaited Apple AirTags!

With all the uproar earlier this week around a new European Super League, you can be forgiven if Apple’s ‘Spring Loaded’ event may have slipped your mind. For those of you who didn’t manage to catch the full hour-long announcement hosted by Apple CEO Tim Cook, don’t panic, we’ve put together a quick 5-minute recap of everything you might have missed.

iPad Pro

Apple iPad Pro

Last year, Apple introduced a new M1 chip for their MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models, so it was no surprise to hear this week that they have now added the same supercharged chipset to the iPad Pro and iMac. The introduction of the M1 chip promises a 50% increase in performance, making it the fastest device of its kind, but also means it could rival most laptop computers.

In terms of overall design, not much has changed – you still have the choice of two sizes, however unlike in previous years where the two tablets have been very similar in spec, this time around if you opt-for the larger 12.9-inch model, you’ll be treated to the best display ever seen on an iPad. This Mini-LED technology is being marketed as Liquid Retina XDR and delivers a million to one contrast ratio and 1,600 nits of peak brightness, with a resolution of 2732 x 2048 pixels.

Both iPad Pros also have a new 12-megapixel ultrawide front-facing camera with a new feature called Centre Stage, which tracks your movement and keeps you in the centre of the frame – perfect for video calls. This feature even works with multiple people, as the camera will zoom out automatically to accommodate them and move back in when they leave the shot.

Finally, Apple revealed a new white version of the Magic Keyboard, which looks very fresh and clean. The 11-inch iPad Pro will also work with the older Magic Keyboards, however due to the extra thickness of the new 12.9-inch model, the older keyboards won’t be compatible.


Who doesn’t love a splash of colour? Apple unveiled a radical new iMac design available in seven eye-catching colours. For those of you old enough to remember back to the late 90s, the iMac used to come in a variety of colours, however since then it has largely just been silver and space grey, so this redesign is a breath of fresh air.

New Apple iMac 2021

The new M1 chip has allowed Apple to reduce the size of some of the internal components, meaning the new iMac is now thinner and more compact at just 11.5mm thick. In fact, it is so thin that they can no longer fit the headphone jack on the back and have had to move it to the side. The webcam has also had an upgrade. With everyone spending a lot more time on video calls these days, Apple have understandably improved the camera, adding a 1080p HD sensor for higher-quality video and with a new studio-quality three-mic array designed to reduce feedback, you should sound clearer too.

There’s also a new wireless Magic Keyboard that includes Touch ID authentication for improved security and a new Trackpad, which are both colour-matched to your iMac. Unfortunately, the wireless mouse still has the charging point on the bottom (for some unknown design reason), making it impossible to charge while in use.

Apple AirTags


At last, Apple have released their long-rumoured AirTag item trackers. These nifty little devices are designed to help you keep track of your belongings. Simply attach a tag to your keys or your wallet or anything else that you keep putting down and forgetting where you’ve left it and then use the ‘Find My’ app to locate them. If you item is nearby, your phone will lead you straight to it with Precision Finding, displaying the direction and distance away. You can even play a sound on the built-in speaker if you’re still having trouble.

You can customise your AirTags with an engraved initial or even your favourite emoji. A single AirTag will cost around £29, or you can get a pack of four for £99.

iPhone 12

And finally, Apple have announced a new purple version of the iPhone 12 and 12 mini, adding to their existing line-up of smartphones, which should be available from 30th April.

New Apple iPhone 12

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