Discover a new Galaxy – a closer look at the new Samsung Galaxy S10

Discover a new Galaxy – a closer look at the new Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung Galaxy S10 Smartphone

This year marks the tenth anniversary of Samsung’s Galaxy series of Smartphones and as the curtain falls and the dust settles on their much anticipated ‘Unpacked’ event in San Francisco, excitement is building for the imminent release of not one, but three brand new super phones. The Galaxy S10 is Samsung’s latest flagship Smartphone and we’re here to take a closer look at this new device and help you decide whether it’s worth an upgrade.

The new Galaxy S10 is Samsung’s latest flagship device and on first viewing it appears that Samsung have pulled out all the stops. And it hasn’t come alone – the S10 is one of three new Galaxy Smartphones alongside the Galaxy S10 Plus and Galaxy S10E. The S10 sits in the middle of three and is due for release on Friday 8th March. It comes with some impressive new features, a hugely upgraded performance, plus it still includes all the things you’ve come to love from a Galaxy Smartphone. So, let’s dive straight in…

Key Features

•  Beautiful 6.1-inch edge-to-edge Infinity-O Display
•  Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner built directly into the screen
•  Wireless PowerShare allowing you to share your battery with other devices


These days size matters and with that being said, it’s the stunning 6.1-inch Super AMOLED Infinity-O Display that really sells this phone. The super-thin bezel design allows for a truly edge to edge display stretching around the curved sides, but unlike Apple they have removed the notch for the front facing camera, instead replacing it with a small punch-hole in the top right of the screen.

Samsung have also done away with the fingerprint pad found on the back of the Galaxy S9. With the S10 the Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner is built directly into the screen meaning you can unlock your phone with a simply touch of the glass.

Wireless PowerShare

Another new feature of the Galaxy S10 is its ability to share battery power. And while the majority of us don’t have excess phone battery to willing give away to other people, it is still quite a cool feature to have. Simply lay another Smartphone, Watch or your new Galaxy Buds on the rear glass panel and your battery will share across. Admittedly it’s a little slow, but it’s an ideal way to wirelessly charge another device while your S10 is plugged in topping itself up.


The Galaxy S10 also boasts a next generation camera that lets you shoot photos like a pro. The triple-lens on the back is made up of a 12MP telephoto lens, 12MP wide-angle lens and a powerful 16MP ultra-wide lens allowing for a 123 degree field of vision, so no more backing up to try and fit everyone in the frame. You can also shoot wider, taller panoramas, meaning you can capture more of what’s around you. The 10MP front facing camera is great for taking a quick selfie and the Live Focus mode lets you blur the background in different ways.


As with every new smartphone release, Samsung have also upgraded everything under-the-hood. A new Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset means the Galaxy S10 is faster and more powerful than its predecessors. It also comes with 8GB of RAM, double what was in the S9 and there’s a choice of 128GB or 512GB storage. Samsung still claim an all-day battery life and it will take some serious HD video or gaming to prevent this, but with the new Fast Wireless Charging 2.0 you’ll be back to full power in no time, should you need it.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Smartphone in Prism Black, Prism Green and Prism White


The Galaxy S10 is a worthy 10th anniversary Smartphone. The beautiful design, stunning Infinity Display and next generation camera are all incredibly impressive and very tempting reasons to upgrade and with three models to choose from, there’s something to suit everyone. The S10 Plus is a bit more pricey but does offer an even larger 6.4-inch display, whereas the S10E is a more affordable option, however it does comprise on some features. The smaller screen doesn’t curve over the edges, it doesn’t include the in-built fingerprint sensor and you get less internal RAM.

All-in-all the Galaxy S10 is a breathtaking new phone and another big step forward for Samsung, but if you’re still not quite convinced and would rather wait for something a little more special, keep your eyes peeled later this year for the Galaxy Fold – Samsung’s first foldable smartphone combining both phone and tablet in one device.


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