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Tech Scheme Salary Scheme

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What is our Home Tech Scheme?

A Home Tech Scheme (aka our Home and Technology Salary Sacrifice Scheme) enables you to offer your employees the latest, highly desirable technology from brands such as Apple, Fitbit, LG, Microsoft, Nintendo, Samsung, Sonos, Sony and many more.


Employees can spread the cost with payments from their salary, with no credit checks or deposits via convenient salary sacrifice, or alternatively the scheme can be run as a net pay arrangement.

Enable your staff to spread the cost on the latest technology with our Tech Scheme

What products are available with the Tech Scheme?

The Tech Scheme offers an array of products to suit every need. Some of the latest products currently available in the range include:

  • Apple iPhone range and Samsung Galaxy smartphones
  • iPad Pro and Microsoft Surface tablets
  • Sonos wireless digital audio
  • LG, Samsung, Sony and TCL TV ranges
  • Apple Watch, Samsung Galaxy Watch and Fitbit fitness wearables
  • Large and small domestic appliances


Here at Let’s Connect, we offer all of the latest consumer technology, from smartphones, tablets and TVs, to fitness wearables, digital audio systems and much more.


Did you know, your employees can also use the Tech Scheme for home and kitchenware, including products such as washing machines, dishwashers and air fryers!

Offer a Home Technology Scheme with Let’s Connect and Everyone Benefits!

What are the benefits to you, the employer?

  • Cost neutral and simple to implement
  • Designed to support HR objectives such as digital transformation, enhancing the employee experience and health and financial wellbeing strategies, plus delivering benefits on a budget
  • Employee access to the latest, desirable technology encourages high take-up
  • Engages ‘difficult to reach’ 18–30 year old demographic
  • Supports recruitment, retention, motivation and engagement
  • Drives engagement of broader benefits platforms
  • ISO 27001 accreditation – peace of mind your data is safe.

What are the benefits to employees?

The following benefits for your employees are the key drivers for high take-up rates:

  • Choice from a wide range of leading-edge home technology
  • Savings on National Insurance (and pension contributions for English / Welsh NHS staff)
  • Convenient payments, spreading the cost
  • No upfront costs, credit checks or deposits
  • Extended warranty / insurance included with some products for extra peace of mind
  • Helpline support throughout scheme duration
  • Spread the cost over a set period, typically 24 or 36 months.

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