Why a Technology-Based Employee Benefit Scheme will Bring Significant Benefits to your Business

Why a Technology-Based Employee Benefit Scheme will Bring Significant Benefits to your Business

Attractive employee benefits will help your business to ATTRACT the best people

The right employee benefits are a powerful influence in attracting and retaining the best people, and given that attracting and retaining good quality staff has such a significant impact on a business’s bottom line, it’s important to get it right. The concept of employee engagement has become increasingly mainstreamed into management thought over the last decade and is now widely believed to be the key to attracting and retaining the best staff. Businesses need to engage the best candidates right from the outset by creating and promoting a very positive company culture and offering an appealing range of rewards and benefits. Your aim is for people to want to work for you, not just for the job itself or even for the salary that you offer but for the culture that defines your organisation. Whilst culture is difficult to explain in a recruitment advert, rewards and benefits that you offer are not, and are an excellent way of sending a message to the prospective employee about the type of employer you are and the culture of the organisation that you operate. Employee benefit schemes offer a solution that is attractive and valuable to staff whilst in many examples being cost neutral to the employer.

Looking to the future, you can make the job of recruiting the best people much easier by aiming to become an employer of choice. Becoming renowned for your positive company culture and benefits packages is likely to bring the CVs flooding in regardless of whether or not you are advertising vacancies!

A well-chosen employee benefits scheme will help your business RETAIN the best people

Once you have successfully negotiated the recruitment process and your preferred candidate is on board, it’s your job to turn perception into reality for that new starter, grow their passion for your business by keeping them engaged, and give yourself the best chance of experiencing their full potential and retaining them long term. In order to keep hold of great people, the ability to recognise and reward staff is essential and well documented, as is the importance of offering a good benefits package but the type of benefit that you offer can have a huge impact on employee engagement and in turn retaining good staff. There are now a huge range of benefits on offer, suitable for businesses of every size but the challenge is to find a benefit that is genuinely attractive. Initially it needs to attract the candidate during the recruitment process but then must retain its appeal once your new employee is fully up and running in their post.

Benefits are highly emotive. Providing staff with benefits that help them to improve their work/life balance or save money in their personal lives is far more appealing than a small taxed cash incentive that is expensive for the employer and underwhelming for the employee. Attracting people on the basis of favourable organisational culture and benefits will aid your staff retention because interested candidates are more likely to be those who will be loyal to your business rather than those who would be looking to jump ship at any opportunity for increased financial reward.

Many benefits offered by employers such as private healthcare or dental plans are great to have and would certainly help to attract potential job candidates to your organisation.  However, once they have accepted the position and started work with you, such benefits will be filed away in a drawer at home with their employment contract and the impact of that benefit will slowly fade away until such time as they are unfortunate enough to need to make use of it. So, in order to keep the appeal of the benefit that you offer alive and the perception that it generates of you as an employer fresh in their minds, consider providing your employees with a benefit that they actually get excited about, a benefit that they can experience and enjoy every day.

Why choose the Let’s Connect Technology scheme as an employee benefit?

Our Technology scheme is a benefit scheme that gives you the opportunity to provide a benefit as part of your staff benefits package that your employees and their families can use and enjoy every day – a constant reminder to them that they work for a great organisation that makes employee well-being its top priority; an organisation with which they feel “engaged”.

A technology-based employee benefit scheme will also improve the IT literacy of your staff

By offering your staff the option to take part in a technology-based benefit scheme as part of your employee benefits package, you will be giving them the opportunity to own the latest, highly-desirable technology products from Apple, Samsung and HP, including Smartphones and tablets.  What more incentive could there be for your staff to start improving their IT literacy?

Our Technology schemes are fully managed by us, from marketing the idea to your workforce right through to product distribution. The schemes are also cost neutral to the employer, meaning that you can enjoy the benefits of improving IT literacy across your workforce without incurring hassle or additional cost. In addition, offering an exciting benefits package goes a long way to retaining and motivating the best people, so why not find out more about running a Technology scheme from Let’s Connect today?

For more information on running a Let’s Connect employee benefits scheme for your organisation, simply complete the enquiry form below or call one of our employee benefit consultants on 0330 2000 231.


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