10 Great Reasons to run a Technology Benefit

10 Great Reasons to run a Technology Benefit

Want to improve take-up rates for your employee benefits programme?

Employee participation in your benefits and rewards programme is key for attracting, retaining and motivating the best people – it indicates that the benefits you are offering are valued by your people. Research also suggest that the more integrated employees are with their employers (i.e signing up to internal schemes), the less likely they are to leave you for another job. These tried and tested schemes are known to help engage staff within a broader benefits platform you may be offering.

A truly exciting employee benefit…

A Technology Benefit enables you to offer employees the latest desirable tech products and spread the cost through their salary. Employees agree to sacrifice or ‘exchange’ some of their pre-tax salary in return for the technology products of their choice, as well as making additional savings in National Insurance.

“The results from the Let’s Connect Technology Benefit have been a great success. We can offer the latest home technology to our staff and have seen fantastic take up, enhancing morale and ensuring we continue to retain and recruit the very best staff.”

Amir Ali – Head of Employee Benefits and Engagement, Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust

If that isn’t reason enough, here are another 10 great reasons to consider running a technology benefit…

No. 1Drives employee engagement

Our benefits have universal appeal, transcending the entire workforce age demographic. Clients achieve high take-up rates with staff getting engaged and excited about the scheme, while appreciating the benefits of getting brand new technology in a convenient arrangement through their salary.

Did you know from a survey completed by Glassdoor, four in five employees would prefer new or additional benefits to a pay increase, with technology benefits being amongst some of the most effective additions to a compelling reward strategy. With such a buzz around our Technology Scheme, clients benefit from improvements in employee engagement and overall employee experience.

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“Having run technology schemes with Let’s Connect for many years we were delighted with the employee engagement generated. The scheme remains a core part of our employee benefits strategy, delivery significant savings for the health board and its employees.”

Andrea Thomas – Senior Benefits Manager, Hywel Dda University Health Board

No. 2  Low cost, low admin and easy to implement

There are no scheme set-up charges, we provide a full implementation service including a suite of great marketing materials, all at no cost to you. The scheme is also fully managed by Let’s Connect with minimal admin needed from your organisation. We’re also approved by HMRC and fully accredited by ISO 27001 so you can be sure all employee data is protected.

No. 3   Stand out from the crowd – Attract and retain the best talent

Offering exciting benefits that are truly valued by your employees shows that your organisation is focused on the holistic employee experience and forward thinking. This helps to attract and keep the best talent and improve your employee value proposition. Our clients report positive improvements in this area following a scheme launch…

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“We’ve seen fantastic take up, which in turn has enhanced morale, reduced sickness and ensured we continue to retain and recruit the very best nurses – we couldn’t ask for more!”

Amir Ali – Head of Employee Benefits and Engagement Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust

No. 4   Great range of products – most popular benefit

A recent employee survey conducted by Let’s Connect showed that 77% of employees chose technology as their favourite employee benefit. With hundreds of desirable products such as tablets, laptops, smartphones, TVs, fitness wearables, and Smart Home devices from leading brands such as Apple, Samsung, HP and many more – there’s something for everyone in our extensive range. To find out more about the products available, visit our products page.

No. 5   Cost neutral schemes

I’m sure you’ve all heard of some of the more outlandish employee benefits offered by Silicon Valley businesses with deep pockets. From unlimited holiday allowance to saunas in the office, some employee benefits are expensive and unlikely to make a lasting impact to your employees.

A technology scheme not only offers a huge range of the latest products and creates long lasting enjoyment for employees, but is also cost neutral to set up for the employer. With no set-up fee and no ongoing management charges, the scheme is cost effective to run for all organisations.

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No. 6  Promotes health and wellbeing

Keen to get your employees moving more? Health and fitness has become not only a huge trend but a prominent focus that has captured the attention of so many of us. With lots of information in the media on how to improve health and fitness it’s important that companies also help their employees to promote a healthy way of living.

Technology plays a great part in helping to do this, with a large collection of health and fitness products such as fitness watches and trackers now available. Our technology benefits are a great way for organisations to promote a healthy way of living and a better work-life balance for their employees.

No. 7   Supports agendas for digital inclusion and financial wellbeing

Our scheme not only supports national agendas for better digital inclusion but also health and wellbeing. In a recent survey, over 70% of scheme participants reported improved IT skills.

Technology schemes also aid financial wellbeing by making the latest technology affordable to all employees via salary sacrifice. Did you know, 88% of employees surveyed said that they would not have purchased technology equipment elsewhere, as they could not afford to buy it outright.

“Without SWBH Benefits I wouldn’t have been able to buy my laptop. Now I couldn’t imagine being without it… I wouldn’t have been able to afford it outright without the scheme. ”

Participating Employee, Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust

No. 8   Helps drive your Digital Transformation Strategy

Digital transformation is organisational change designed to bring about new and sustainable competitive advantage by leveraging technology to bring about efficiencies and effectiveness. For transformation to be successful, a digital culture is required that fosters innovation, collaboration, a ‘digital-first’ mindset, agility and flexibility and encourages experimentation.

A technology employee benefit can form part of an organisation’s digital transformation strategy to assist in creating this digital culture. Whether this is making training more accessible at home, encouraging collaboration by keeping employees connected through their own devices or just a general improvement of digital literacy across the workforce, the benefits are obvious!

In a recent employee survey, 70.3% said that the technology scheme has helped them and/or their family improve their IT skills. Margaret purchased a laptop through our technology scheme…

“I am able to do my mandatory training at home and also access information regarding my work role.
I use it to help with my children’s homework as well as write up reports and answer emails. It has helped to make my work life more efficient.”

Participating Employee, Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust

Could your organisation benefit by improving your employee’s digital IT literacy, better collaboration through technology and greater flexibility for work and training across your workforce? Read our Digital Transformation guide and ensure you don’t get left behind in the digital revolution!

No. 9   Easily integrated with benefits platforms and hubs

Most employee benefits are part of a bigger rewards package and ours is easy to manage and integrate with the latest employee benefit platforms and hubs – from simple links via intranets to full 2-way ‘Single Sign On’ authentication for a seamless user experience.

No. 10  Easy to implement – no lengthy procurement

Our team have been providing schemes for over 15 years and our extensive client list includes organisations across both private and public sectors. We’re also on the latest national frameworks which simplify the public sector procurement process.

To get you started, we’ll even provide a Business Case document for implementing a tech benefit for your organisation. Simply request your comprehensive ‘done for you’ Business Case template by completing the form below, add a few specific details for your organisation and we’ll be happy to help you prepare the final document for internal approval.

If you would like more information on running a Let’s Connect employee scheme for your organisation, watch our short video below. We can provide a compelling Business Case document to help you get management approval, simply complete the enquiry form or call one of our Employee Benefit Consultants on 0330 2000 231 – we will be only too happy to help.
We look forward to hearing from you.
The Let’s Connect Team

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