NHS Technology Employee Benefit Scheme

Everyone benefits with Let’s Connect

An engaging benefit that appeals to a diverse workforce…

Staff choose from a huge range of exciting home electronics, hardware and much more

Pay conveniently from salary and spread the cost

Benefit from combined National Insurance and pension contribution savings of up to 17.75%

Product delivery in 24-48 hours (following approval)

Staff will be entered into a free prize draw at the scheme’s launch, for the chance to win a selection of exciting technology products.

And benefits your organisation at the same time…

  • Rewards the hard work of staff without any cost to you
  • Engages and retains staff, as well as attracting new talent
  • Supports health and financial wellbeing agendas, plus digital transformation, enhancing the employee experience and offering benefits on a budget
  • Savings of over 20% on employer pension contributions (England and Wales)
  • No costs incurred for the organisation at all and only minimal admin required
  • Launch a scheme within 4 weeks
  • Use your existing benefits platform (if applicable).

Join other NHS organisations who love this benefit…

“We’ve received applications from approximately 10% of the eligible workforce… …financially we saved money on our employer pension contributions.”

Systems Advisor, Workforce & OD


Senior Spokesperson

“As well as financial savings, this scheme fits well with our rewards policy for family-oriented benefits and stretching employees’ pay with high value-added benefits.”
“The scheme remains a core part of our employee benefits strategy and continues to deliver significant savings for the Health Board and its employees.”

Senior Terms, Conditions & Benefits Manager

Rewarding a large workforce with diverse needs

Everyone’s different, but everyone enjoys technology in one way or another through their personal interests and hobbies. We stock a huge range of products that’ll appeal to every member of your diverse workforce, including:

Smart watches and fitness wearables for your health and fitness fanatics

The latest games consoles for your avid gamers

Smart TVs and home entertainment systems for your film and TV buffs

Laptops and desktop computers for your web surfers

Small home appliances, white goods, cookware and kitchen equipment, perfect for your budding bakers and homemakers

Garden equipment for your green thumbed horticulturists

Must have smartphones for your gadget gurus and social butterflies

And so much more…

A huge range of the latest technology…

…from the biggest brands…

Lets Connect Product Montage for 2022, 2023

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