Top 5 Team Activities for Remote Workers

Top 5 Team Activities for Remote Workers

Man on a video call with team while working from home

With new working structures in place that mean your team is never in the same room, it can be difficult to create a happy and productive working environment. Here at Let’s Connect we help employers maximise their employee experience, even during these challenging times.

We’ve put together some team activities that are easy to implement for remote working, that may help to bring your team closer together:

Coffee and learn sessions

These are a great way to be slightly less formal with your team as you sit down with a hot drink and participate in some short training sessions. This might be exploring a new tool that the team could benefit from, a more efficient way to carry out a task, or any specific training related to your business. Video calling (Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams etc.) is a great way to do this as the whole team can be involved and individual members can share their screen and present their findings. This benefits the team by making everyone feel connected, albeit virtually.

Check in on your team

Ensuring the wellbeing of your team members is vitally important to ensure your team feels supported and confident in a very unusual time. During this lockdown, monitoring physical health has never been so important – one way you can do this is by checking in to make sure your team is getting enough exercise and fresh air.

Physical wellbeing also means having a workspace and working equipment that supports posture. Some ergonomic tips include working from a desk or table with adequate knee and foot room and positioning your laptop so that the top of the screen is level with your eye height. These tips will help to promote better physical posture allowing you to carry out work tasks without causing physical discomfort.

Mental wellbeing can also become strained during this pandemic, as we’re constrained to our homes for the majority of the day, with minimal social interaction. This can take its toll on mental wellbeing and it’s key to touch base with your team. This can be through one-to-one calls between employees and their line manager to ensure everyone is coping with the change in working environment.

Here’s the Let’s Connect Team catching up together on our weekly video call…

Let's Connect team on a video call using Microsoft Teams

Keep rewarding and recognising

Due to the huge changes happening within the world, your team may be feeling uncertain and concerned about their position within the company, which can spiral out of control if strong leadership and communication is not in place. A key way to make your employees feel supported and reassured is to continue recognising their efforts, especially when they are potentially juggling multiple responsibilities – for example work and home schooling. This doesn’t always have to be work related – extra recognition might be given to those going above and beyond to help team members or their community. Knowing that they are appreciated and valued can help engage employees during this difficult time. For some simple and cost-effective ways to reward, engage and recognise your staff, take a look at our guide: 5 benefits that delight your employees…and your Finance Manager!

Have some fun

As social creatures, we get energy from our social interactions, so when we’re forced to be isolated individuals can find it challenging and can feel lonely. Any opportunity to create some ‘team togetherness’ and have fun along the way will help keep the team members connected and energised. From ‘keepy uppy’ challenges, trivia quizzes to the best dressed competitions – the team that plays together, stays together!

Run a film club

With Netflix subscriptions being one of the most popular pastimes during lockdown, a film club is a great way to bring the team together. Provide a list of films from different genres to watch and recreate the ‘water cooler’ style group chats that brings the team together. Other ideas might include book clubs, gaming online or baking competitions. Get your team to come up with the ideas and see how creative they can be!

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